I Am Thinking About Selling My House . . . Now What?

This month I will be exploring how to go about getting you and your home ready for market.  I will be sharing tips and information about preparing your home, finding an experienced realtor with whom you feel comfortable, what times of year are best to show your home to it’s best advantage and how to make peace with moving on from a home where you have had many joyful memories.

To start off with, ideally give yourself time to prepare your house for it’s debut.  Look at your home with the eyes of a prospective buyer – then read on!

Two of the best values, in time and dollars when getting  your home ready to sell is to:

  • Clear the home of at least 70% of your belongings
  • Have it deep cleaned.

A house on the market looks very different from a lived in house (or should, if done well).

The house you want to present is one that is clean, sparsely furnished and minimally decorated. The house should smell neutral. No unpleasant smells such as wet dog, litter boxes or smoke and no heavy perfumes either such as Febreeze or Glade plug-ins.

Depending on your budget and the potential sale price, you might consider investing more time and effort into the following:

Landscaping.  Start this the year before you sell with big trim backs around windows to let in more light and along pathways leading to and around the house. This will allow time for the plant to leaf back in by the time the home goes back on the market.

Freshen. Paint, inside and/or outside, add a new carpet or re-finish damaged hardwoods.

Have your home staged, either using your own furniture or the stagers furnishings.

If your home is potentially in a higher price point in an established neighborhood larger projects can give you a good return on your dollar such as remodeling your kitchen, refreshing your bathroom fixtures or finishing out unfinished spaces in your home such as basements and attics.

A professional realtor can answer the following questions to help you make the right choices for you and your particular property:

  • What is my house estimated to sell for “as is?”
  • Are there any defects or repairs that need to be made in order to make the house safer and/or functional in order to sell? This could be things like taking care of a leaky roof or fixing the broken dishwasher, or replacing the handrail that broke off 10 years ago on the stairs leading up to the house.
  • What is unique about my home that may help it sell?
  • What improvements will have the most impact on the sales price and how much would they impact the sales price?
  • What is a reasonable budget (time and money) to spend on repairs and getting my home spiffed up to sell?

Please call, text or email and I would be delighted to answer any questions for you, or send you my personal “short list” of my favorite cleaners, contractors and stagers.

Next week I’ll be talking about timing and the real estate market.


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